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Hey there party people!

I'm back, and sooner than I thought! I wanted to plunk down a quick update on what the last few weeks have been like trying to get a grass roots, brick and mortar business into it's home, off the ground and functioning (because holy shit that's tricky!) BY FAR the best, most inspiring and life changing events that have come these last few weeks are the meetings I've had with some AMAZING, passionate, driven, brilliant and awe inspiring women I am SO lucky to have the opportunity to work with. I'm going to attempt to intro them more in depth as SS progresses, but please allow me to introduce you to some of these chicas:

Arla Ewing - Floating Leaf Tea (Calgary) I've actually known Arla since high school (which was clearly only like 4 years ago because there's no way we're any older then that!) This gal knows her tea, is such a bright light and has a passport that all of us would envy! We are so excited to not only retail this great product, but we will be proudly serving in house a number of Floating Leaf tea blends!

Angela Valleau - Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant (Olds) This encounter was spurred when Angela called me after receiving my newsletter forwarded from her sister (thanks Allison!) and I'm so happy she did! Angela has a passion for nutrition, a drive to do business that feels right and wants to provide meaningful experiences to anyone she speaks to. We are SO excited to have Angela bring her expertise to our business family!

Mayanne Campbell Hippy Chicks Collective (Airdrie) Mayanne, an avid volunteer at the Alice sanctuary, Mayanne will be supplying a lot of our vegan meat substitutes for our meals through Happy Veggie world. We had such a great connection and I can't wait to work with Mayanne as we simultaneously grow our businesses!

Gillian BellAsha Yoga Airdrie (Airdrie) OMG this girl, just a slice of delight <3 Gillian and her sister are the power duo of Asha Yoga, a home based and welcoming studio helping women find their zen. We are buzzing with ideas on how to incorporate our two businesses!

If there's one thing I LOVE, it's being surrounded and supported by women who live your same drive! Beyonce said it best peeps, who run the world? (I'm just gonna leave this right here....)

ok, now that you've had a dance break....Where are we with the store? We are rocking and rolling! My husband has been (literally!) busting his ass daily building everything I ask for, my little sis and mom have been my painting buddies and I've basically been doing what I do best...bossing people around ;) I kid, I have some gnarly callouses from a paint roller let me tell you! We are scheduling our fire and AHS inspections for the first week in December and at this point, are schedule to open on schedule mid December (send us good vibes kay!!?)

We can't WAIT to show you our space and meet all you lovely things in person!




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