Our Story and Beliefs

What we believe:
we believe you should spend your time doing things you love
we believe in getting to know your neighbours

we believe in supporting other amazing local businesses 
we believe in good, natural, and nutritious food
we believe that you CAN put together a restaurant quality meal at home

​Fueled by passion for healthy, easy to prepare meals and a need to break up dinner monotony, Social Supper was born!


As a dual working household, we very often were eating dinner at 7 every night (after time consuming preparation and cook time) and felt rushed through the rest of our night time routine as a result. We were rushing through the few precious hours we had with our children, and were exhausted at the end of a long work day.  Not only were we not fully present with our family at home, we seldom connected with friends, after all, they were equally as busy and exhausted! and the cherry on the cake was that our take out bills were creeping up week after week, filled with unpronounceable ingredients and certainly not contributing to our health!

With few options for healthier alternatives at a competitive cost, we knew there had to be something better, and want to contribute to being the change we wish to see in our world.


At social supper, we strive to create a space to accomplish several goals all at once: save time in grocery shopping and meal preparation, ensure our families are eating wholesome, nutritious food free of chemical preservatives, added sugars and salt, and have the opportunity to meet with friends and others in our community while accomplishing a necessary task; preparing meals.


At the core of our business, there has been from the beginning the need to positively contribute to our community and those living here. We strive to offer quality locally produced and sourced ingredients in our meals and are always on the hunt for great new offerings!  


Finally, for every 150 sessions booked (once a month if our sessions are full!) Social Supper will donate 10 single dinner gift certificates to residents in need, so every time you come in to a session, you are getting our business one step closer to helping out someone in our community!


But we could never forget our loyal followers! Make sure you like and share our page on social media and sign up for our newsletter...we are big fans of surprise giveaways to the people who allow us to do what we love everyday!


 From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting our business!


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