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Q:What is Social Supper?

A: Social Supper is a relaxed, fun environment offering you time and energy savings when it comes to creating nutritious and wholesome meals for your family. We create a delicious menu, we do the shopping, we do the washing and chopping, all you need to do it select a day and your meal choices and come hang out with us to put it all together. Think of it like a take out dinner buffet! All meals are freezer ready and come with cooking instructions and most with suggested side dishes!

We also offer take out lunch options! Private function booking are available any evening but Tuesday and Sunday, where we would love to serve up our selections of the month to you and your nearest and dearest, or privately book the space for your meal assembly sessions. 

Need a fun, out of the ordinary baby shower venue? Book with us! what better way to send a friend or family member into motherhood than with a freezer of meals made by a group of friends! Someone you know under the weather or dealing with an illness? Get a group together and support them with healthy, easy to prepare meals and have fun while helping someone out. Contact us to find out how we can help you with any style of get together.

Q: What should I expect from a session?

A: You can expect an awesome time, the chance to meet some neighbours, and the satisfaction of knowing you are going to be whipping up some amazing food at home! 

For your session, you will need to bring a cooler or insulated bag to store your meals in. You come in for your session and will be given a "how to" tutorial and a run down of how the set up works. We will happily go through some house keeping items and then set you loose to your meal assembly! We are always just a few steps away if you have any questions.

Q: So...is this like a health food restaurant?

A: When possible we "clean up" the traditional recipes to include more nutrient dense ingredients (think quinoa instead of bleached white rice or swapping a lesser amount of a stronger cheese in a recipe that calls for a lot of a milder one) We also aim to truly keep our meals clean whenever we can. This means all rubs, seasoning, marinades and sauces are made in house from scratch and from the most base ingredients whenever possible. This reduces the need for added preservatives and salt as we small batch fresh based on your meals each week. It is our goal to live by the motto to "Be the change you want to see in the world" and that means collectively demanding better quality food free of GMO's, added preservatives and other cr@p. We will also every effort to provide organic ingredients where ever we can and still keep cost competitive. 

For more information on clean eating, check out this site

Q: What if I have to work around dietary restrictions/intolerances?

A: Great question! Because we offer many meal choices using all kinds of ingredients, we can never be allergen free, however, we offer the ability to swap out or eliminate components in your meal to better suit you. We will happily substitute free of charge: almond or soy milk for dairy, butter for olive oil, gluten free pasta for standard pasta. We can also sub vegan cheese for dairy and WOW Butter for peanut butter for a minimal additional charge. We want to help you make something that's just right for your family, so if ever there is a question as to how you can modify our recipe just give us a call and let us know! We love a challenge and learning new ways to make great meals.

Q: What if I don't have time to come in to put my meals together?

A: No problem! We will happily assemble all of your choices for you and you can pick them up within the last half hour of your requested session time, on your selected day. Just write us a note in the comment section of your order that you want to pick up and we'll take care of it all! (please note we assemble without modifications unless you tell us otherwise) We do not charge anything extra to prepare for you and though we would love to see your smiling face in house, we understand life is busy!

Many of our meals are also offered for take out in a single serving size, so please pop in and allow us to serve you!

Q: How many servings does each meal contain?

A: We say about 4-6. If you would like to portion out smaller meals just make note in your order and we'll be ready for ya! So basically, if you are a small family and only need 2-3 servings per meal, your really getting 20 meals for the standard package price! 

Q: Some meal choices look awesome, others not so much. Can I double up the ones I want?

A: For sure! We are structured so that if you want all 10 meals of one particular choice, you fill your boots! Since we purchase all ingredients based on orders and not in advance of them, we will buy what we need to make sure you get what you want.

Q: How far in advance do I need to book my session?

A: Since we are shopping for the freshest ingredients for your meals, we require booking be confirmed by Thursday the week prior to applicable sessions. If you are looking for a few meals to get you through a hectic week, just pop into the store and we would be happy to hook you up with our pre-frozen or oven ready selections.

Q: What if I'm sick the day I booked?

A: Please stay home! In an effort to reduce food born illnesses, we ask you please contact us to either re-book, or have us assemble for you to pick up. Both options are free of additional charge and best for everyone

Q: Rumour has it I can split my order with a friend to assemble with them, is that true?

A: Oh yea it is! After all, we are called SOCIAL Supper! Not only can you plan a fun night out with a friend, we also a selection of beverages during your session, so come in and make a night of it!

Q: How can I pay for this fabulous service?

A: We accept all major credit cards and Paypal here online, or come on in to the store to book a session and pay by debit or cash!


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